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The Donation Center will CLOSE as of April 14, 2022.

Our Mission

LOVEfirst’s purpose is to provide immediate and long-term care for people displaced by the Oregon Holiday Farm Fire. We are partnering with community leaders to offer human services, supplies and resources, and shelter in real time. If you are interested in loving our community alongside us through donations or service, you can reach us directly at hereforyou@lovefirstrelief.org or 541-321-0341.

Mohawk Relief Center

Living in temporary housing like a hotel or camper is inherently more expensive than living in a house. The ability to prepare healthy and cost-effective meals is limited.  Although many of our survivors qualify for SNAP and other government benefits, they often exhaust these sources and need some additional help. Since the onset of the fires, LOVEfirst has been the custodian and main distributor of community donated goods intended for Holiday Farm survivors.  Some survivors are fortunate enough to reside in a home or apartment require furniture, household goods and other items to help them get back on their feet.  Our 1489 Mohawk Blvd resource center is situated where the majority of displaced survivors reside. Since its opening, this site has served over 800 individuals and delivered an estimated 1,000,000 pounds of goods to Holiday Farm survivors. 

1489 Mohawk Blvd, Springfield, OR 97477

Individual Long-term Recovery Planning

For survivors, the prospect of creating a long-term recovery plan can seem daunting. Working with insurance companies, navigating FEMA and other factors leave many in despair, which further aggravates the trauma of this disaster. Others fall between the cracks leaving them with crippling unmet needs. We are here to help! If you are a wildfire survivor, please fill out an Unmet Needs Form by clicking the button below.

Unmet needs can include: Tools, generators, property clearing, appliances and more.


Join a community of volunteers dedicated to supporting those affected by Oregon Wildfires and other disasters. Volunteer opportunities range from sorting donations to wellness checks on evacuees.

Become a Partner

Evacuees need your business' support. Not only will you be helping our community but we will make sure that the community knows it too. If you wish to be LOVEfirst partner email: partnership@lovefirst.us