Clean Up Continues in Blue River

Individual Long-term Recovery Planning

For survivors, the prospect of creating a long-term recovery plan can seem daunting. Working with insurance companies, navigating FEMA and other factors leave many in despair, which further aggravates the trauma of this disaster. Others fall between the cracks leaving them with crippling unmet needs. We are here to help! If you are a wildfire survivor, please fill out an Unmet Needs Form by clicking the button below.

Unmet needs can include: Tools, generators, property clearing, appliances and more.

Lane Workforce Partnership + LOVEfirst = Jobs & Help for Survivors

We are beyond grateful for the recent financial assistance offered by the Lane Workforce Partnership. We will be announcing job openings available to people who are unemployed due to COVID-19. These positions will be singularly dedicated to helping Holiday Farm Fire survivors.

You Are Not Alone

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are not alone!

There are many fronts in disaster recovery that need attention. One HUGE front is making these burned-out properties buildable and livable again. Over the last three weeks LOVEfirst has been engaged on this front along with the Cascade Relief Team, Mckenzie CDC, Reach Out Worldwide and other organizations to make this a reality.

If you are a Holiday Farm Fire property, please fill out the Unmet Needs Form (above) to request for assistance clearing your property.


There’s Work to be Done

…and lot’s of it! On February 27th LOVEfirst participated with the Cascade Relief Team and Reach Out World Wide in launching clean-up efforts in Blue River. Throughout the last three weeks, we have been sending volunteers, heavy equipment and LOVE to Blue River. This work is not without its costs. We are requesting donations of tools, and lease of heavy equipment, dump trucks, expertise and boots on the ground. We will be expanding this effort into Vida and other individual properties.

On behalf of our survivors, THANK YOU! Your decision to get involved, in any way you can, is truly changing lives.