Community Support – Wildfire Recovery

WHAT A COMMUNITY! – Thank you Richard and “Luke Skywalker” Lew for donating your time and providing us with heavy duty gondola shelving for the LOVEfirst distribution site serving Holiday Farm Fire survivors. At “no extra charge”, they also trained up some volunteer missionaries from the local The Church of Jesus Christ on how to assemble them. They were able to set up over 200 feet of shelving in a single day! The following day volunteers returned and stocked them nearly full of community donated goods.

As we progress into long-term recovery, individual needs evolve. Identifying and planning for this next stage of relief is crucial.

We are requesting the following donations along with monetary contributions to sustain this effort…

•ELECTRIC GENERATORS (must be in working condition, 3,000 watt recommended, sine wave)
•Rain or snow boots (all sizes)
•Socks•Grocery cards
•Gas cards
•Microwaves•Rain gear
•Liquid dish soap
•Men’s jeans waist sizes 30-33”
•Men’s clothing
•Portable storage sheds
•Air compressors and pneumatic tools
•Rain or snow boots (all sizes)
•Socks•Gently used or better mattresses
•Genlty used or better: dining room sets, end tables, night stands and lamps.

We are not accepting any lady’s clothing at this time except for rain/snow gear, heavy jackets, gloves. We are also unable to accept: Consumer grade particle-board furniture, non functioning furniture, housewares and the following plastic cookware (unless in new or like new condition)… pots, Tupperware, cups or plates.

ALL DONATED GOODS MUST BE CLEAN AND IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION. Thank you for your ongoing support and thousands of volunteer hours!

LOVEfirst was formed by and represents a community of grassroots volunteers who are laser-focused on providing humanitarian relief to our neighbors impacted by the Holiday Farm wildfire.