IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL – LOVEfirst Humanitarian Relief – Holiday Farm Fire

To our survivors, donors, volunteers and staff, we LOVE and appreciate you! Although what is known as the “heroic phase” is behind us, the bulk of this work is still ahead. Long term recovery involves many fronts. Gaging our survivors’ needs is even more critical now than ever. We have an amazing network of community support and leadership. 

LOVEfirst has maintained statistical information on our survivors’ needs and requests. This information reveals several trends which speak to the size and magnitude of the Holiday Farm Fire disaster. Utilizing this information while studying similar disasters in the past is key to predicting the next phase and appropriate response. 

Many survivors, have miraculously stood alone, weathering the Oregon winter without requesting assistance, while others reached out early for help. In any case, both actions are equally as noble. Asking for assistance requires strength and there is nothing wrong with getting help from a neighbor. LOVEfirst exists for this singular purpose. Our doors are open to all Oregon wildfire survivors. Asking for help was a lesson this LOVEfirst secretary had to learn the hard way. As a 21 year old missionary in Peru, I thought it was a great idea to attempt to scale a mountain range known as Huaytapallana. I felt invincible and able to do everything on my own. Having lived at altitude for over a year I thought I was prepared. Confident in my own abilities, I walked the path and reached the top of the mountain at 5,557 m above sea level. It was a beautiful experience. I was proud. It wasn’t until I got about half way down the summit path that I realized I was wholly out of energy. Without the ability to move on, I called to my Peruvian friends for help. With one under each arm, they carried me back the remainder of the path. In that moment I realized I wasn’t Superman, I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help, if I had not my guides, I would have not made it back down that mountain.

Moving into the long term recovery phase involves making a conscious effort to put one foot in front of the other. LOVEfirst will treat you with dignity and respect, respect for your situation and the body of work you have already placed into your path to recovery. If you are a Holiday Farm Wildfire survivor and have a need that will help you with your long term recovery, please fill out the Unmet Needs Form at can include: Tools, appliances, housewares, furniture and more. 

Warm regards,

Adam Burner & the LOVEfirst Team
Secretary LOVEfirst Disaster Relief | auto-attendant: +1-541-321-0341 

LOVEfirst is a Lane County based nonprofit exclusively dedicated to serving Holiday Farm Fire survivors.