Winter Is Coming – Holiday Farm Fire Evacuee Resource Center Needed Items – November 13, 2020

Winter is coming; and it feels like it’s already here! Our evacuee friends and families up river; and those staying in and around Eugene/Springfield need our help! The harsh reality is that many are staying on their charred properties in campers (if lucky), tents, with neighbors or friends. Some are still navigating the system for help, and others just have tried to make it on their own without asking for a single thing. LOVEfirst is proud to be custodians of your goodwill and charity

The following items are DESPARATELY NEEDED!

  • Cold weather gloves (used or new)
  • Cold weather socks (for kids too, must be clean)
  • Kids’ Shoes ( to fit 2 – 10 years; used or new)
  • Kids’ Jackets ( to fit 5 – 12 years; used or new)
  • Cold weather sleeping bags (used or new)
  • Men’s jeans
  • Rain boots (all sizes)
  • Pop-up canopies (used or new)
  • Blankets (used or new)

We are nearly out of…

  • Water (1 gallon or multi-packs)
  • Canned soup, chili, beans, etc.
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Griddles and cook tops (electric or gas)
  • Batteries & Flashlights
  • Cookware

These last few days have been wonderfully busy. Thank you to all our volunteers, donors and evacuee-volunteers! We are #Mckenziestrong

To volunteer visit:

holidayfarmfire #disasterrelief #oregon #mckenzieriverstrong